LONG BEACH, Calif. - She’s an athlete, a straight-A student and now she’s a self-published author and she’s only 17 years old. Kate Rael is a high school senior at Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California and she is literally the epitome of determination and resilience.

Many of us have suffered unimaginable loss in our lives. It is extremely painful and it can be paralyzing. Well, Kate turned her very big loss into a very positive message. Kate lost her aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother to Huntington’s Disease, an inherited degenerative brain condition that has no cure. After seeing her loved ones suffer and witness first-hand the pain and limitations they had to go through, Kate decided to do something about it. 

Last summer, she put pen and paint to paper and self-published a children’s book called, “Why Dorothy Dwight Feels Quite All Right and Hudson Hill Feels Very Ill.” 

The message of the book is simple — it is about the importance of staying healthy and taking care of your body.

Kate dedicated the book to her Aunt Lisa and is donating all the proceeds to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America to help find a cure for this cruel disease.

Her family is in awe of Kate’s strength and impressed by her maturity, but they are also touched that she is honoring her loved ones who struggled with this horrible disease. 

Kate’s goal is to be a nurse and I firmly believe she will accomplish this goal. She is selfless, strong, kind, passionate, dedicated, smart and has a big heart. Watch out germs because the future Nurse Kate is coming for you!