Welcome to Sweat it out for HD! A movement series focused on raising awareness, funds, and endorphins for the HD community. This series will be hosted virtually and all proceeds will benefit the Pacific West Region. We will be joined by instructors throughout our region + community who will lead us through many different movement classes (dont worry, modifcations will be provided so ALL levels are welcome)! 

Meet our first instructor of 2023- Jessica Aguilar:

Jessica is a licensed Zumba Instructor from Arizona who has been leading Zumba Fitness classes for over eight years. Jessica firmly believes that there are no wrong moves in Zumba and that as long as you're moving and having fun, that is all that matters. Outside of teaching Zumba, Jessica also works in Higher Education and serves on the Zumba Fitness Community Council (ZCOM) and volunteers for the Center for Civic Education "We The People" program. Jessica's connection with Huntington's Disease is on that hits close to home. Her grandmother, two of her aunts, and most recently, her father, passed away with HD. Since her father's diagnosis in January 2015, Jessica has been doing what she can to learn more about HD and help spread awareness about it any way she can. She is hopeful that one day, we will find a cure. 

Come Sweat it out for HD with Jessica & HDSA on Tuesday, February 7th at 5:30 PST- we can't wait to see you there! And please make sure to check back monthly for instructor + class announcements.